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The Constitution of the United States

A friend of mine and I were talking the other day about some worthwhile documents we have on our PDA device for casual reading and the subject of "The Constitution" came up. Neither of us had a copy, and had never seen a copy available for Palm OS devices, so I decided to make one available. It was quite easy finding the original text on the Internet, thanks to some great search engines, and equally as easy to convert that text to the Palm OS 'doc' format using "MakeDoc for Windows" by Mark Pierce. So now that I've made it available, you've run out of excuses to not know the original intentions of our founding forefather's plan for a "Government by The People, and For The People." Incidentally, I use WordSmith for all my viewing pleasures, but there are several others available.
The Constitution of the United States on your Palm OS device The Constitution of the United States
Download now!

Learn some real history about The United States Government and
our GREAT Country's foundation.

Current version:Now with bookmarks
License: Free
Links of Interest:

You can also get a copy of The Declaration Of Independence here.
United States Constitution Search
The White House On-Line
Colonial Hall: A Look at America's Founding Forefathers
C-SPAN On-Line



Tracker screenshot Born out of a need to keep abreast of what the latest tropical depression/tropical storm/hurricane is doing, I created Tracker, a Palm OS application for keeping up with the whereabouts of the latest storm.
Being that I am a Florida resident, the map covers the Atlantic basin with a displayable area of 10 - 50 degrees latitude and 60 - 100 degrees longitude. You can enter wind speed using MPH or knots and pressure using either inches of mercury or millibars. The category of the storm can be automatically determined from the wind speed. On the map, the different category strengths are repesented by different colors.

Download now!
Current version:4.8
License: Free
Links of Interest:
You can also get many more additional hurricane databases here that Greg Marrs put together using Tracker 4.1. These can be loaded right in the application for your perusal. Thanks much Greg!
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Hurricane and Storm Tracking



QuickTip screenshotA handy-dandy Palm OS device application for calculating tips on anything. But especially useful after you, or perhaps a group of people, have consumed vast quantities of food and the ol' brain isn't working to its full capacity. Version 5.0 with an improved User interface: There is a drop-down list for the amount and one for the group. You can enter either of these values using the appropriate drop-down list or graffiti. There is a tax field where you can enter the local tax rate or leave it set at zero. There is also a way to enter your own tip rate which is described in the accompanying readme file. QuickTip also supports the Palm OS number format.
Still simple, still fast, and still the best.

Download now!
And you'll be on your way to quickly generating appropriate tip amounts on your next night out on the town!
Current version:5.0
License: Free
Links of Interest:
Restaurants Test Gratuity Guidelines
Tipping Amounts from Around the World
The Original Tipping Page
Tipper Lore


MyCheckbook screenshotMyCheckbook started out as a very simplistic, electronic checkbook application and has now evolved into a more sophisticated, electronic checkbook. Some very nice enhancements have been added to this new version. See a partial list below. Changes in Ver. 5.4:
  • MyCheckbook supports multiple accounts.
  • Uses system password to protect application from prying eyes.
  • Current balance and actual balance available on main form.
  • Transfer your monies between your different accounts.
  • MyCheckbook now includes VFS backup and restore.
Download now! PC Version
Download now! Mac Version
Download now! PC Self-Extracting

Current version: 5.4 Build 07 (updated)
License: Free
Links of Interest:
deja.com Top-Rated: Online Banking Companies
American Express Blue


SameGameYears ago I saw the SameGame being played on a personal computer and decided there needed to be a Palm OS version. So this is my attempt to duplicate the play. The SameGame is very addictive and you never really win, you can only try and do better the next time you play.

Scoring is according to the formula n^2 - 3n + 4, where n is the number of blocks to clear. Therefore, a long string of adjacent blocks will score much better than a number of short strings.

A score hall of fame retains your high scores and also shows the number of pieces left over. The total number of games you have played is shown on the main screen. You can also show the time or a game timer on the main screen.

Download now!
Current version: 5.1
License: Free
Here is a good link to learn more about the origin of SameGame.



PocketLifePocketLife is my implementation of the Game of Life for Palm OS devices. Keep reading to learn more and then download your copy to "Get a Life" of your very own. The Game of Life is not your typical computer game, it is a "cellular automaton," and was invented by Cambridge mathematician, John Horton Conway. His original intention was to model the process of birth, survival, and death. The idea behind this is that organisms require others in order to survive and procreate. But as the Game of Life progresses, other problems arise, such as overcrowding, which in the end, often results in death.

Download now!
Current version: Not Applicable
License: Free
Links of Interest:
The man: John Horton Conway
Clever Games for Clever People
Conway's Life Game (Java App)


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