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"And will most likely always be that way."

A handy-dandy Palm device application for calculating tips on anything. But especially useful after you, or perhaps a group of people, have consumed vast quantities of food and the ol' brain isn't working to its full capacity.
Version 2.1 with new, improved functionality: There is a drop-down list for the amount and one for the group. You can enter either of these values using the appropriate drop-down list or graffiti. There is also a tax field where you can enter the local tax rate or leave it set at zero. In either case, the tip amount is calculated before any tax is added.
Still simple, still fast, and still the best.
Download this freeware application right here.

MyCheckbook started out as a very simplistic, electronic checkbook application and has now evolved into a more sophisticated, electronic checkbook. New features and enhancements are plentiful in the new version. See the partial list below.
Changes in Ver. 5.0:
  • QuickCheckbook now supports multiple accounts (8 different accounts).
  • Use system password to protect application from prying eyes.
  • Current balance and actual balance available on main form.
  • Transfer your monies between the different accounts.
  • Can mark checks for deletion from main form.
  • Download this freeware application right here.

    PalmLife is my implementation of the Game of Life for Palm devices. Keep reading to learn more and then download your copy to "Get a Life" of your very own.
    The Game of Life is not your typical computer game, it is a "cellular automaton," and was invented by Cambridge mathematician, John Horton Conway. His original intention was to model the process of birth, survival, and death. The idea behind this is that organisms require others in order to survive and procreate. But as the Game of Life progresses, other problems arise, such as overcrowding, which in the end, often results in death.
    Download this freeware application right here.

    All my applications have registered CreatorIDs with Palm.